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Warm dimming technology is becoming increasingly popular

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LED technology is evolving!

With the development of LED lighting technology and the growth of trade, the lighting industry has set off a storm. Forecasts indicate that by 2030 or earlier, LEDs will account for approximately 90% of the lighting market. This is the inevitable result of the development of LED lighting technology, because they are the most energy-saving light sources, and they have a long life, a variety of types, and a high degree of user integration. These are the advantages of LEDs compared to traditional halogen lamps and incandescent lamps.
At the same time, in order to meet more needs of users in practical applications to compensate for the functions of traditional lamps. Many manufacturers are constantly improving LED bulbs with "warm dimming" functions. 


What exactly is warm dimming technology?

The warm light effect of the LED has nothing to do with the actual heat and physical temperature of the LED lamp. On the contrary, it darkens as the color temperature of the LED bulb decreases.
As the brightness decreases, the color of the light approaches orange. This is a copy of the "natural" colors, because the colors of the sky appear warmer at sunset and help us transition into the night.
Many incandescent lamps and halogen bulbs have this effect naturally, but the efficiency is very low.
And LEDs are capable of maintaining high efficiency while dimming, but still produce a relaxing and comfortable "warm" light. Which is what we call Dim to Warm & Warm dimmng
For different light source manufacturers, each product and brand has its own LED dimming range and dimming effect. In order to match the actual sales and application of our company’s products, we focus on color adjustment between 4000k and 2700k, as well as light mixing effects.
At the same time, according to our actual shipment situation, starting from 2020, more and more European customers will start to use dim to warm function in spotlight products. We have reason to believe that in the following sales, warm dimming products will become more and more popular in Europe.

BLED lighting Technology will also focus more efforts on the development of warm dimming luminaires products


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