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The trend of dimming method of LED luminaires

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0/1-10V diming, DALI dimming and more mode of dimming are getting popular

As the development of multiple dimming system, 0/1-10V dimming is more acceptable than the traditional phase-cut dimming method currently. Compared with phase dimming, 0/1-10V dimming method can assure dimming down to 1watt and 0/1-100% power dimming of the fixture. In the application of digital dimming, DALI dimming (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) is widely used to control each lamp remotely by digital signal. Besides, Bluetooth dimming such as Casambi and Tuya are also popular in the market.

The comparison between DALI dimming and bluetooth dimming

For the moment, most of the customers would choose DALI dimming system for the high-end projects thanks to its high accuracy and systematic control for the whole buildings. In the meanwhile, bluetooth dimming system is getting popular and would be also an inevitable trends in the short future. Unlike DALI system, the wiring of bluetooth dimming is much easier and cost-saving. As the application of DALI DT8 dual-channel CCT dimming, more and more drivers are designed with the bluetooth and mobile control system.
   Even though, some users may worry about the possibility of incompatibility between the DALI driver and the DALI system on site. In order to avoid this problem, we have been involved in the member of DALI2 Agreement. We also have testing equipment to ensure the compatibility with various system.  As for bluetooth dimming, after connecting the bluetooth App to local area network according to the certain bluetooth agreement, it would work successfully.

What BLED Lighting can provide for smart dimming solution ?

BLED Lighting has been cooperating with professional driver suppliers such as Tridonic, Osram, TCI,etc in order to provide the luminaires with solutions of various ways of dimming including DALI dimming, bluetooth dimming,  0/1-10V dimming so as to offer the best lighting ambience for the clients.

Here are some of our products that can be applied with various kinds of dimming method.




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