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How to choose LED spotlight downlight for hotel

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which is mainly used in hotel rooms and corridor aisle areas. The average floor height is 2.8m. How to choose LED spotlight downlight for this kind of hotel engineering renovation? Bled lighting analyze it:
Now the hotel engineering renovation is not only considering the issue of energy saving. After all, most of the LED spotlight downlights on the market now have a small difference in energy saving. Now the hotel engineering renovation considers the quality of light efficiency. The lamp and downlight also chose the right light and the right cash cow.
Generally speaking, mid-to-high-end hotels need deep anti-glare LED spotlight downlights. Due to the low floor height of hotel rooms and corridors, it is recommended to use embedded LED downlights, low-power models (less than 30W), Wide beam angle. Moreover, the lamps used in hotel rooms are to eliminate glare problems, so be sure to choose anti-glare models.



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