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GreenStar employees are afraid the LED lighting company may

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A local business struggling during the pandemic is still having problems paying employees on time, two months after our initial report.

In July, the founder and CEO GreenStar told us a deal had just been finalized with a global investor and it would allow him to address the company's financial hardship.

Employees told us why they're afraid they will soon be out of a job.

"It's just stressful, very, very stressful," said an unidentified spouse of an employee.

When we first heard from Greenstar employees in July, they'd grown frustrated about late paychecks, and their medical insurance benefits cancelled for non-payment.

Two months later, they say not much has changed.

"Still not getting paid on time, still no insurance benefits and no reason why," she said.

GreenStar is a commercial LED lighting manufacturer.

Founder and CEO Paul Duran says the company experienced production problems in part due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

Back in July, Duran said the deal with a global investor he had just finalized would allow him to address payroll issues, and restore health insurance benefits.

"It'll be Monday or Tuesday,” Duran said July 10th. “It's going to take a few days just to get it all back together."

One week after that interview, Duran confirms staffers were locked out of the warehouse for non-payment of rent.

The building was still locked when we checked yesterday.

This woman who doesn't want to be identified says her husband hadn't been paid in nearly a month. .

His last bi-weekly check was received August 12.

"Unfortunately HEB doesn't take promises for groceries, they take money. Our mortgage takes money, everything takes money."

Today by phone, Mr. Duran said he just finalized the deal with the investor and again, payroll and insurance would be addressed in a matter of days.

However this message sent to employees today says they'll get a furlough letter Tuesday in order to file for unemployment.

Staffers are afraid they'll soon be out of a job.

"Because this has been going on for so long just all the runaround," said the spouse of an employee.

GreenStar manufactured 130,000 LED lights currently in use on city and county streets and highways.

Duran says the lights cost CPS Energy more than $32,500,000.

Regardless of the LED manufacturer's future, CPS Energy says its crews and contract crews will continue to maintain the lights.

A spokeswoman for CPS Energy would not discuss warranty concerns.

However, Duran says CPS Energy did request warranty documents earlier this week.


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